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NERIP was formally dissolved as a partnership by its board at the end of March 2011.

NERIP staff were formally and formerly employed by One North East, the regional development agency for the North East of England. Following the decision by the Coalition Government in Summer 2010 to abolish the regional development agencies the members of NERIP's executive team were placed under notice of redundancy in January 2011 and the team left the agency's employment at various times between March and May 2011.

Members of the NERIP team at its demise including

Jon Carling
David Mell
Chris Young
William Haywood
Gavin Bewick
Lee Woolston
can all be found on LinkedIn. Day rates negotible!

The information below previously displayed on this "About Us" page.

NERIP is the Observatory for North East England. It operates in a strategic environment and enables a range of partners to use sound evidence to develop strategy. It’s key objectives are

To track the existence of quantitative and qualitative evidence that can inform policy
To provide a series of mechanisms for the dissemination of evidence
To interpret existing evidence and to synthesise it to suit audiences with different levels of technical understanding
To analyse present and interpret data to meet policy needs, where such work is most appropriately progressed by a multi-agency partnership
To work with regional partners and the Association of Regional Observatories to influence national evidence-related issues of regional significance
NERIP staff have a track record of working with colleagues in a range of organisations to develop policy, and have been closely involved in the development of Local Economic Assessments, the Integrated Regional Framework, and a variety of other important policies in the North East in recent years.

NERIP is hosted by One North East. NERIP is committed to equality of opportunity and the principles of sustainable development. Furthermore, NERIP is committed to the principles of One North East's Disability Equalities Scheme ( and Sustainable Development Duty