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NERIP was formally dissolved as a partnership by its Board at the end of March 2011. This follows the decision in Summer 2010 to abolish the Regional Development Agencies in England as part of the policies of the then recently formed Coalition Government. One North East, the Regional Development Agency for the North East England was NERIP’s major sponsor and NERIP staff were employed by One North East.

For more information about NERIP and what it did see the About NERIP page.


The Events section provides access to information and downloadable materials (such as presentations) for events that were organised by the NERIP Executive Team and others in the wider NERIP partnership.

Policy Library

The Policy Library contains the principal strategy documents created within the North East during the lifetime of NERIP (mid-2004 to March 2011). At Regional (NUTS1) level, the library contains the principal regional strategies including the Regional Spatial Strategy (RSS), the Regional Economic Strategy (RES) and a a variety of themed strategies. The library also contains strategy documents at sub-regional and local authority levels.

NERIP Research Archive

The research archive contains information assets which have been extracted from the following websites.

IGNITE [ingniteNE]
Skills North East [skillsne]
North East Cultural Observatory [neeco]
The Northern Way [nway]
Tourism North East [tourismne]
The North East Evidence Library [neel]
Energy North East [energyne]
One North East [oneNE]
NERIP's own Research Library [Research Library]
An "information asset" typically comprises one or more downloadable documents along with associated information (metadata) about these documents such as a brief description, the title of the asset, date of publication, etc. In some instances a link to information elsewhere on the web is provided in addition to or instead of the downloadable document(s).

The research archive was constructed between January and May 2010 and reflects the content of each website as it existed at the time of archiving. Since the archive was created some of the websites are no longer available. The long term future of most of the remaining websites is uncertain.

Please note that each site’s archive represents neither a full "site-rip" of the corresponding website nor even a full listing of all its downloadable material. Rather it comprises a list of the information assets found on that website which could be considered of interest to the public policy research community.

The archive also contains what was previously known as NERIP’s Research Library. This was the research and analysis material created or commissioned by the NERIP Executive Team between its inception in mid-2004 and the formal closure of NERIP in March 2011. Also included within the Research Library are a number of reports created or commissioned by members of the wider NERIP partnership.